Wonder Wall Display

September 13, 2017Teacher Tools, Productivity, Portfoliostudent feedback, teaching tools, instant, active, inquiry based learning

The Digital Wonder Wall was the brainchild of myself and Dan Sharpe, another innovator and fellow coder.

We were both learning about how to use Javascript to extend the tools that we were already using. Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) was one of the topics we wanted to explore.

We live coded this thing as a Hangout on Air, and I have now updated it with new layouts. Unfortunately, the webstore is still processing the add-on for release. As soon as it is cleared, I will add the link!

The code is available on Github

jordan rhea

Jordan Rhea - I’m a front-end web developer. Follow me at @rheajt if you want to talk, discuss, or fix any of my code! I am passionate about using JavaScript in Google projects, but there are many more applications. I want to learn them all.