Star Wars Crawl with Google Docs

January 12, 2018Web Applications, Portfoliogoogle apps script, star wars, title crawl, google docs

Happy 20-INNOV-18 everyone! My first project of the year is a modification of a great Codepen project that recreates the Star Wars title crawl.

I thought it was only fitting since The Last Jedi has just come out. I wanted to demonstrate a way to incorporate Google Apps Script with a project on Google Sites. This is a super basic example, and all of the coding has been done for us!

All you need to do is fork the project on Github and pull in the code with the Google Apps Script Extension that I use. I demonstrate how to do that in this video.

Or, you can manually do it by copy and pasting the code. I don’t recommend this way, because it is easy to mess up! Also, why do things manually when you can automate them???

Github Repository

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