New Innovator Dashboard

March 27, 2018Web Applications, Teacher Tools, Work Tools, Portfoliogoogle drive, web app, google sheets, chrome browser, chrome extensions

If you are using a modern browser, chances are you are using some kind of extension for it.

In this video I am just demo-ing a browser extension that I made for the Chrome browser. Actually, I really made this extension over a year ago as part of the #COL16 Google Innovator Academy cohort…


I have learn a lot about JavaScript (and web development in general) since then. So I thought I would update it. Currently, it is back on the web store for a couple of bucks.

More importantly it will be a part of a much larger project I am doing that involves teaching YOU how to build your own extensions with all the modern development tools available!

So, go ahead and install it… or don’t and wait for me to publish it as a tutorial project!

jordan rhea

Jordan Rhea - I’m a front-end web developer. Follow me at @rheajt if you want to talk, discuss, or fix any of my code! I am passionate about using JavaScript in Google projects, but there are many more applications. I want to learn them all.